About The Movie

The Art of Burning (previously titled From Sand to Ashes) documents the art and artists at burning man, their process, achievements, and struggles. As the most distinguishing trait from other festivals, the artistic value has been often overshadowed by counter-culture social aspects of burning man.

Burning Man is an incubator for emerging artists and could be considered the largest outdoor museum in the world. It is also the largest venue for interactive art and showcases a variety of mediums including sculpture, mechanical, light, sound, and performance art. We will be following some artists closely throughout the film, and while delving into the enormous efforts the many artists undertake in order to bring their art to the middle of the desert, we will also capture the interactions of participants with the art. To learn more about their work visit Featured Artists.

This documentary will be shot in Ultra HD 4K 3D in order to bring the audience closer to Burning Man than ever before. It will also showcase the transformation of the desolate black rock desert into Black Rock City – home to 68,000 people for 1 week each year. In order to gather 3D timelapses and aerial 3D footage, in the always dusty Black Rock City, we have had to develop specific technical solutions and equipment.

The movie is slated to be released in the US in the second Quarter of 2014 both in the US and in Europe. The official release dates will be announced in the first Quarter of 2014.